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Our research focuses on determining cellular and molecular mechanisms of musculoskeletal aging and neuromuscular disease. We seek to integrate the areas of stem cell biology, bioengineering, and physiology to develop therapeutic interventions that mimic the muscle stem cell niche. 

Our lab uses multi-disciplinary approaches to study muscle stem cell biology and develops bioactive stem cell delivery vehicles for use in regenerative medicine. We study both basic aspects of muscle stem cell biology, especially systemic and metabolic regulations of stem cell and stem cell niche, as well as more translational aspects of muscle stem cell and mesenchymal stem cell for use in therapeutic approaches for musculoskeletal aging, neuromuscular diseases, and traumatic injuries.​

1. Metabolic (mitochondrial) regulation of stem cell function

2. Systemic regulation of muscle homeostasis

3. Engineering muscle stem cell niche for regenerative medicine applications


Ed Botchwey, Ph.D.
Brandon Dixon, Ph.D. 
Stas Emelianov, Ph.D.
Andrés García, Ph.D.
Shuichi Takayama, Ph.D.
Johnna Temenoff, Ph.D.
Levi Wood, Ph.D.
Woonhong Yeo, Ph.D.

Ed Balog, Ph.D.
Amit Reddi, Ph.D.
Adegboyega Oyelere, Ph.D.



Hyojung Choo, Ph.D.
Mike Hart, M.D.
Sung Jin Park, Ph.D.
Dan Perrien, Ph.D.
Shanti Srinivasan, M.D.
Sumit Verma, M.D.

Pallavi Bhattaram, Ph.D.
Scott Boden, M.D.
Adam Boissonneault, M.D.
Jed Diekfuss, Ph.D.
Hicham Drissi, Ph.D.
Katrin Henke, Ph.D.
Svenja Illien-Junger, Ph.D.
Greg Myer, Ph.D.
Jay Patel, Ph.D.


Carlos A. Aguilar, Ph.D.
Susan V. Brooks, Ph.D.


Nick J. Willett, Ph.D.


Holly Van Remmen, Ph.D.

Amy J. Wagers, Ph.D.

Youngil Lee, Ph.D.

Sung Young Park, Ph.D.

Dongryeol Ryu

Jae Myoung Suh, Ph.D.

Hyo Bum Kwak, Ph.D.

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